Unique Features

Our necklaces are handmade to order, and you can personalise, them any way you want to.  This alone makes them unique among the range of Nursing/Teething necklaces available.

However, in addition to this, they also have Adjustable Length, and a Removable Silicon Teething Pendant, that you won’t find on any other Nursing/Teething necklace.


Trio with Custom Name and Cord

Choose your style ….

Mono with Custom Name and Cord

… add a name or a phrase …

… and pick a coloured cord.

Adjustable Length

All BubbaBeads Necklaces feature easy length adjustment, with no knots, or dangling cord.
This is a unique feature on our necklaces, and it is as simple as pulling apart the two beads at the back of the necklace.

Mid length

The necklace can be worn full length, choker length or anywhere in between

If you want to shorten it even further, just pull on the knots next to the beads.

Removable Silicon Teething Pendant

BubbaBeads also feature a silicon teething pendant. This pendant is attached with an elasticised cord, to make it easy to remove.
This allows you to take the pendant off for your baby to play with, or for you to pop in the dishwasher or steriliser.

Simply slip the elasticised cord down over the pendant …

… and Viola! You have removed to pendant, ready to be chewed, bounced, or cleaned.

To re-attach, slip the elasticised cord through the hole of the pendant …

… Stretch to cord over the bottom of the pendant, and up the back …

… and your pendant is back on, ready to go.
For safety reasons, the pendant attachment is the only elasticised part of the necklace. The break-away clasp ensures that any harsh pulling on the necklace will not cause any harm.